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Preschool Classes

Our Partner Preschools

The Monarchs Mobile Gym Program is specifically designed to benefit your child's growing development. Each 30-minute Monarchs Mobile Gym class begins with warm-up and stretch followed by two ten-minute rotations on varying apparatus and concludes with a gymnastics game. Enroll your child in Monarchs Mobile Gym today and watch their imaginations soar while setting them up for a safer and brighter physical future! 

Calabasas Klubhouse Preschool Logo.jpg

Calabasas Klubhouse 

Ages 2-6

"The staff at Monarchs is great. Nothing goes unnoticed. They really want to help you in any ay they can even though they aren't part of our team." Jennifer T.

CCW Logo

Children's Creative Workshop

Ages 2-6

"We love this gym. I wish we lived closer or they could open in San Diego...Great training for the young or advanced gymnast!" J.C.

CLU Logo.jpg

Fredrickson Family Early Childhood Center

Ages 2-6

"The coaching staff at Monarchs is great! I’ve enjoyed watching my children develop skills while having lots of fun and excitement." The Landry Family

Woodcrest Preschool Logo.jpg

Woodcrest Preschool 

Ages 2-6

"My girls enjoyed their experience over winter break at Newbury Park location. In two days the girls were more confident with tumbling. Glad we found this place for girls to keep busy while they learn so much and having fun. Jo L. 

Can't find your school?

Monarchs would love to come to your Preschool! Simply fill out the information below and we will contact you shortly! 

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