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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

What is online registration? 

Our online web registration system is fast, efficient, and absolutely secure. 

How many classes are in a month? 

The amount of classes varies depending on how many times a weekday fall in a particular month. The majority of months have between four and give days and occasionally a month has three days. 

Will the price be prorated if I register after the start of the month? 

Absolutely! We accept registration on an ongoing basis, and the class price will be prorated automatically. 

Can I try a class first, before I sign up for a class? 

Please! Potential students are encouraged to take advantage of our No Obligation Trial Class before signing up. After the trial class, if your child enjoyed the class and would like to join, just stop by the office so we can process your membership and to pay your tuition. If you decide that it is not for you, the class is complimentary. 

Trial classes must be scheduled in advance with your location by phone. 

I have been waitlisted for a class. How will I know if a space become available? 

We will contact you via phone or email using the contact information you have provided in your account. 

My child missed a class. How do I schedule a makeup? 

Give the office a call or stop by and schedule a make-up class. We allow one make-up per month and ask that is made up in same month as the missed class. 

What are the Multiple Class / Sibiling Discount 

We offer a discount on EVERY class enrollment after the first one. It doesn't matter if one child takes multiple classes or multiple children take one class each. 

How long is the registration fee good for?

There is a registration fee for each child. It is good for 365 days. It is an annual fee based on the date you signed up initially. 

  • First Member:$40.00

  • Second Member: $36.00

  • Third or more Members: $0.00

Are there any perks that come with the registration? 

Yes! Each annual registration comes with its perks? 

  • 5 Open Play Visits

  • 25% Off Gym Shoppe Purchases

  • $50 Off A Birthday Party 

  • One free Parent's Night Out 

Can I unenroll myself from class online? 

No, you must call your location to unenroll from a class. 

What is your refund policy? 

You can find the full refund policy description on the Terms & Policies Page

When a month ends, am I automatically enrolled in the next month? 

We offer an option called Automatic Enrollment: Every account has the option of selecting to be on automatic enrollment and "Auto Pay". Monarchs will charge tuition on the last day of the month for classes in the proceeding month. Monarchs will also hold your child's space in class and re-enroll our child for you. The account holder will need to select "yes" during the checkout portion that pertains to "Auto Pay" will take place when the account holder asks to be removed (there are no forms or delays in the process.) 

Where can I find the Monarchs policies? 

You can find them on our Policies Page.

What is the Monarchs Tax ID number? 

  • Monarchs Agoura Hills & Monarchs Happy Kidz (270994317) 

  • Monarchs Newbury Park & Monarchs Mobile (270994167)

  • MonarX Parkour (453073226)

My Account

Do I need a Monarchs account? 

Yes, in order to register for classes, camps, birthdays and special events you will need to have an account. In your account your will also be able to change your contact information, change your account password, update your credit card information, view your orders, view your store credit, and view current and past classes, camps, open play sessions, events, make-ups, and much more! 

How do I create an account? 

Locate the black bar at the top of this screen. Click on "Sign Up". It is quick and easy to create an account.  

I have an account, but I don't know my password. 

Login to your account using your email and password. In your dashboard click on "Edit Info" and enter your new password. 

Open Play & Parent's Night Out 

Do I need to register in advance for Open Play or Parents Night Out or can I just come? 

Come on by without reservations. However, check with us to make sure our schedule has not changed. 


When is camp offered? 

We offer Summer Camp from early June through August, a two week Holiday camp at the end of December, and a two week Spring break camp in March/April. Some locations offer School Break Camps to coincide with local school vacations. Click here to look at this years Camp Dates

How do I sign my child up for camp? 

Camp sign up can e done online, in-person, or over the phone at Monarchs. Enrollment for Camp is open on a day-by-day basis, and there is no minimum for enrollment. You can select the day and choose half or full days to make your perfect camp schedule. 

What is the refund policy for camp?

Summer Camp: Students are entitled to a full refund, less the days already attended. 

What does my child need to bring to camp? 

  • Gymnastics Camp: Your child should come to camp in clothes that she/he can move in and a lunch + drink. That's All!

  • Parkour Camp: Your child should come to camp in clothes she/he can move in and wear a pair of sole supportive tennis shoes. They can bring a snack or small lunch + drink. That's All! 

  • Kinder Camp: Your child should come to camp in clothes she/he can move in along with a lunch + drink! If there is a possibility that your child might have an accident, please bring a clean change of clothes. That's All! 

  • We provide a snack for all our campers. 

What can I pack my child for lunch? 

Please pack a non-refrigerated healthy lunch and a drink, if your child has particular dietary needs please pack a small snack as well. 

What if my child is sic? Can I make it up? 

If you child is sick please keep them home, and reschedule to a different day! 

Can I take a trial camp day? 

We do not offer trial camp days, take a chance and sign up! 

What are the prerequisites for camp? 

Children ages 3 and up are welcome to attend our camp! If your child has not been separated from your for extensive periods, we recommend staying in the viewing area while they acclimate, trying a half-day camp, and staying close by in the area if you do a drop-off. 

Does my child have to be potty trained? 

Yes! Your child DOES have to be potty trained in order to attend camp. 

What is extended day camp? 

Extended day camp provides an opportunity for parents to extend their child's camp day. during this time, children will continue their camp activities. Extended day option vary by location and by program - please check with your location and program for specific offerings. 

Will my weekly class e held while Camp is in session? 

Yes! Our class schedule is independent of our camp offerings. Please check our calendar for details about both. 

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